Happiness Without The High


Not Your Granny's Tea


Aromatic blend of tea, flowers, herbs and spices infused with US-grown farm-to-table CBD hemp flowers and buds.

100% Natural Ingredients. No artificial additives or flavorings.

About Us

Not Your Granny's Tea only sells tea infused with hemp. We strongly believe in the efficacy and potency of natural tea combined with premium hemp for maximum relaxation, relief, and pep.


We only use natural ingredients and are committed to using the highest quality loose leaf tea delivered to you without any unnecessary additives, flavoring, or processing.

We are a small, socially responsible, woman and minority-owned business, employing people not machines and opting for small batches and hand blending rather than machine-milled for uber-freshness.

Our tea blends come in pre-measured sachets, which can be used to steep teas directly or open to use with strainer. Our teas can be steeped twice and available in three sizes. 


Why Hemp??

You have likely heard about the many health benefits of hemp seeds. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, you'll find these "superfoods" in hemp seed energy bars, hemp seed oil, and even hemp seed butters.

The hemp used in Not Your Granny's Tea blends is altogether different. Found in the plant c. sativa, CBD hemp is rich in terpenes that are said to promote relaxation, ease anxiety, and aid sleep. And unlike other compounds found in the plant, this hemp is non-psychoactive -- it will not make you high or hazy. Hence, happiness without the high!


Not Your Granny's Tea sources its hemp directly from a small, family-owned farm in the Pacific Northwest. During our blending process, they undergo no unnecessary processing, and definitely no additives or artificial flavoring. Truly farm-to-table...or in this case, cup!

Please note: None of the products contained herein have been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Click below for our full Disclosure.

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