Testing Myself: A Study of 3 Sticks

Full disclosure: in my day job -- pre-Granny -- I am an Human Resources Director for a global company in NYC. Only this past summer, I was tasked with updating the company's drug policy and developing its protocol for testing. I am fully aware of the thoroughness applied by drug testing facilities (and rightfully so). So call me skeptical when experts claim that hemp-derived CBD (which may contain up to 0.3% THC) won't show up in any drug test. (See FAQ section).

I needed to see for myself. 

I ordered a box of home-test kits from Amazon ($10 for a box of 16 sticks) and promptly went to work. I first did a control stick to test the kit's accuracy. Almost instantaneously, the stick showed the two lines for negative for THC. 

I then prepared a mug of Chill tea after dinner. While Chill contains 25mg of a strain of CBD hemp, I decided to increase my tea's dosage to 50mg just to make sure (he he). I waited the kit's minimum two hours before testing. The second stick also tested negative.

I timed the third test for 12 hours after drinking the tea. And sure enough, negative.

So it seems that in my case, the experts were right. Even with the increased amount of CBD hemp, the three tests yielded negative results for THC. 

(Needless to say, our bodies metabolize food and drink differently. As well, if you are taking other substances in addition to CBD hemp, know that this may yield a different result.)

My home experiment

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