Light and fragrant (distinctly tropical!), this new blend is great served hot or ice cold. This blend contains organic green tea, pineapple pieces, natural papaya flavor, blue cornflower petals, and of course, CBD hemp. The hemp flower used in this blend is high in Myrcene (said to aid sleep and relaxation), Farnesene (also found in apple skin, has anti-inflammatory properties), Ocimene (known decongestant). So good that this blend features a generous dose at 45-50mg per sachet!


Not Your Granny's Tea come in pre-measured sachets, which can be used on its own (steep directly) or opened for use with a strainer. The tea blend in each sachet may be steeped twice, if you like.

Bali (Not) Hai

Bali (Not) Hai
  • Organic green tea, pineapple pieces, natural papaya flavor, cornflower petals, and 45-50mg CBD hemp in each sachet,

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