Chill's aroma is earthy with citrus and pine notes derived from linden and verbena leaves and flowers (among other ingredients). Both botanicals are known for their calming and cooling properties. Upon sipping, the taste of clean, crisp green tea is the first thing you'll notice, followed by lemon, light florals, and ending with a faint, sweet, and tart finish that lingers. The final product is simply serenity in a cup.


Not Your Granny's Tea come in pre-measured sachets, which can be used on its own (steep directly) or opened for use with a strainer. The tea blend in each sachet may be steeped twice, if you like.


  • Green tea with verbena, linden, lavender, and hemp (20mg per cup).


    The green tea in this blend is sourced from a woman-owned cooperative in Vietnam, the first-ever attaining UTZ Certification, a program that recognizes sustainable farming.